How do I connect my Social accounts to HubDo Portal

Connecting Social Media Accounts to the HubDo Portal SocialApp

Note: You must have full Administration rights to connect your Facebook Business Page or LinkedIn Page. Twitter uses the Username and Password to connect to HubDo SocialApp. 

Using the same browser, on another Tab, log in to your Facebook Personal account, Business Page or LinkedIn Page. 

Go to the 'Setup Section' in HubDo, if you have access. If access is currently not available please email

Click on 'Social Profiles' in HubDo Setup.


Facebook & LinkedIn 

*Note: To connect your Business Pages to the SocialApp you must first connect your Personal account.

1. You'll first need to give the platform authorisation to connect to your Personal Facebook or LI account. To begin the setup process, click the + icon under ‘Current Social Profiles’.


2. From the Connect Profiles Menu click on Facebook > ‘Add/Reauth profile’ (Green Button)


3. A new window will open asking for ‘SocialApp’ to connect to your Facebook Account > Click OK


SocialApp does give you some options on what you wish to share.


Don’t be alarmed - this connection will not infringe your privacy settings or allow the portal to start posting unauthorised content on your behalf.

 > Click OK 

Now follow the same steps to attach your Business Page > 

Step 1. Click on the + icon
Step 2. Click the RED ‘Add Pages’ button
Step 3. Choose the Business Page you wish to connect. 

Once complete all Personal and Business pages and accounts will appear in the top menu of the Portal:


Connect your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr Business pages/accounts. 

If you’re still having issues please email us at