How to Navigate Tasks - HubDo Portal (Standard vs. List View)

This article will show you different ways to view and navigate the task section of the platform so you can always find the right task and understand how to navigate through the campaign.

The Menu on the left highlights the main sections of the HubDo portal. The 'Dashboard', 'Tasks', 'Social' and 'Reports' sections allow you to monitor and undertake the campaign. The 'Tasks' section is arguably the most important section of the entire platform. It's important to know how to navigate this section to find the task you're looking for.


The default Tasks view is divided into sections. Each section will tackle a different aspect of search engine optimization, ranging from technical, on-site SEO to social media, to local SEO, and includes a brief summary introduction page to highlight why these particular tasks help your online marketing efforts. Especially for those with little to no SEO experience, the standard task view provides an easily understandable entry point to optimizing your site.

Clicking any of the sections will open up the related tasks (in the example above, I've opened 'Manage Your Reputation' and below 'Website 101: Setup for Success'). Ideally, start at the top and work your way through the tasks using the 'Forward' and 'Back' Arrows or 'Next' button at the bottom of the page.


If you already know what task you're looking for, it's probably easier to use the List task view by clicking 'List View' in the upper right corner. The 'List View' displays all tasks in a spreadsheet, allowing you to more easily sort by status, assignee, due date, and more. This provides much more flexibility and allows you to see task status for all tasks rather than segmenting it by section.


From the 'List View', you can then sort your tasks by 'Status' :

  • 'Open' = Not yet completed task 
  • 'In Review' = This Task requires additional assistance 
  • 'Verified' = This Task is already active/created by the client 
  • 'Completed' = The Task is now done and complete 
  • 'On Hold' = The Task requires further work at a later date 
  • 'Not Applicable' = This Task does not apply to this client.