Where does DoCurrencies source daily exchange rates?

DoCurrencies relies on multiple professional exchange rate providers, to ensure reliability and breadth of rates while adhering to the terms and conditions of each provider.

HubDo continually evaluates and sources rates from a range of providers, to use in DoCurrencies and other HubDo apps. Our current provider is via our HubDo paid subscription to: 

HubDo reserves the right to change provider source rates from public rates providers that meet HubDo evaluation for

  • security
  • flexibility in base currencies (to suit each HubSpot portal "company currency")
  • quality (minimum of six decimal places)
  • cost (we want to continue to offer DoCurrencies as a free service)
  • rate-limiting restrictions (can it keep up with our stream of requests per second)
  • reliability (uptime)
  • responsiveness (speedy)
  • breadth of rate pairs available (HubSpot needs many rates)
  • plus usage terms and conditions to provide HubDo customers with currency services.

If you wish to have your exchange rates served from a specific provider please contact support@hubdo.com to discuss.