Will DoCurrencies work for all HubSpot users?

New users sometimes ask whether DoCurrencies supports all team members invited to the organisation in HubSpot.

Yes, DoCurrencies works for all users in your Hubspot portal - because currency rates are stored centrally in your settings. So any activities that your team is doing that require up-to-date exchange rates, such as viewing sales pipelines in different currencies, will be accurate.

DoCurrencies will not change any product prices or deal values though. It leaves that to the sales rep, and for your product library management.

If you do need any prices changed, is it because you sell in multiple currencies and are managing different price lists? If so, take a peek at the DoPricer features for HubSpot. DoPricer updates line item discounts and prices based on each Company agreement. It is mainly used by B2B manufacturers so that sales reps do not have to manually look up discounts and prices.