DoCurrencies Status

Current Status: Operational

Welcome to the DoCurrencies status page.

Here, you can view the current status of DoCurrencies and get information and updates on any service interruptions that may occur. Please reach out to our Support team at if you have any issues or need assistance.  If you need to urgently contact support, please use the live chat button on this page

23 May 2024


Root cause was found to be a one-time HubSpot internal data migration which affected some external APIs, in this case, the Currency /create API endpoint was not accepting new daily rates.

HubSpot confirmed this on 23rd of May and our testing since that date confirms 100% uptime.

HubSpot portals now show daily rates history from 23rd May 2024 onward.

If you have any questions please contact or chat on this page.

22 May 2024

DoCurrencies is now OPERATIONAL using an interim workaround.

This means that the following features are working:

  1. "Update Currencies Now" button in HubSpot Settings > Integrations > DoCurrencies
  2. Automatic daily currency updates, from the next 24hr cycle.

Tip: To refresh your exchange rates immediately, press the Update Currencies Now button in your app settings. All portal rates will be auto-updated during the next 24hrs.

Technical details:

The HubSpot Currency API /create endpoint is no longer accepting updated rates.

As a workaround, DoCurrencies has switched to using the /update endpoint. This endpoint does not allow DoCurrencies to create new rates, therefore we expect that existing rates may be overwritten and no longer visible in the exchange rate history.

For example: In the Exchange rates history screenshot below, the rates history is intact each day until 15.05.2024. The rate was then updated 22.05.2024 which has overwritten the prior rate set on 15.05.2024. So the history log shows that the most recent rate has applied for all days from 15th to 22nd May. Daily updates continue to overwrite the top entry in this table, no new historic rates will be recorded as long as the /update endpoint is used.

When HubSpot restores the function of the /create endpoint, Hubdo will revert to using that endpoint so that new rates can be created each day and saved in the history log.

2024-05-22 Exchange rates history lost

HubDo continues to investigate and monitor the situation with HubSpot Support.

Thanks for your patience during this unplanned API change.

21 May 2024

Incident: Discovered by HubDo. Some HubSpot Portals are reporting validation errors when DoCurrencies attempts to update daily rates.

Implications: Currency rates are not being updated

Status: Investigating...