How to make DoPricer never discount a particular line-item

How to Deactivate Discounts On Particular Product Line Items e.g. Shipping, Installation, or Consulting.

1. Product Discount "Always Empty"

: For all Users

Set a default extra Property on the product table to allow you to 'deactivate' discounts on particular products. The setting of “Always Empty”; applies a NO Discount setting on the products you choose, for example, items such as Consulting, Installation, Shipping, or Postage could be marked as YES, Always Empty, so NO discount is ever applied to them.

This setting takes precedence over all other settings and can only be manually edited.

To set the No Discount, "Always Empty" functionality per product go to Sales > Products in HubSpot. 

 Choose the products you want NO Discount to be applied and click YES - here's an example:

Screenshot of choosing a Product to add Always Empty - NO Discount

The below screenshot is showing 'Delivery' as DoPricer Discount Always Empty i.e. NOt Discounted

Delivery marked as Always Empty - NO Discount


If you prefer to give the set company discount for ALL of your products and services, choose No or leave this field blank.

This functionality can only be overridden by the Sales Person who can alter and apply a discount on the line item at the time of quoting.