Can I set DoPricer discounts on a contact?

The DoPricer plugin updates each new line item in HubSpot with the discount and/or price settings as saved on each company. Sometimes the question arises, "Can I save discounts on a HubSpot contact instead"?

DoPricer creates custom properties on the Company Object as a place to store the DoPricer discounts because DoPricer is designed for business-to-business (B2B) sales where there are standing price agreements with each customer's company. 
So DoPricer reads Company records but does not have any access to read contact records.
Here is what you can do to make DoPricer price deals for your contact:
  1. If each sale starts with a new contact, you can tell HubSpot to automatically create a company for each new contact when no company exists already. It's in your Settings under the Company object. (See this HubSpot help article).
Bear in mind though, that a company will not be created if the customer uses a GMail or other type of public email address. You can work around that if you have HubSpot Pro or Enterprise by creating a HubSpot workflow to handle contacts with no associated company.

Once there is a Company record in HubSpot, that's where you can set the DoPricer pricing rules for your customer.