Why is DoPricer not applying company discounts or prices to new line items?

Scenario 1: DoPricer is not enabled

Sounds like:

I uploaded all the companies with discounts as we discussed, and they are displaying fine under their categories. However, the discount is not being added to the line item after the refresh. Not sure If I missed something. Your support is appreciated

Solution: Make sure DoPricer is turned on

  • Check HubSpot Settings > Integrations > Connected Apps > DoPricer

    • DoPricer Master Switch is normally on unless you switch it off or your subscription stops. If you cannot switch it on contact support@hubdo.com
    • DoPricer > Settings > Master Switch Enabled
  • Ensure Company Property "DoPricer Enabled" = On

    • This property needs to be set on each company that you want DoPricer to use for processing line item discounts and/or prices.
    • You can enable DoPricer
      • manually on each company,
      • in batches on the Companies DoPricer View,
      • or using a Workflow automation

Scenario 2: DoPricer is not working on Quote Line Items

Sounds like:

I am creating new line items in a quote but DoPricer is not applying discounts or prices to any line items. I checked the company and the correct discoutns and prices are set and DoPricer is enabled

Solution: Create Line Items on the deal before creating quotes

  • DoPricer cannot detect or edit new line items in the HubSpot quote builder. 

    1. Add new line items to the deal.
    2. Wait a few seconds and refresh to see the DoPricer discounts and price changes
    3. Create quote(s).
      1. New quotes will include the correct prices for this customer company.