How to create report - "HubSpot Line Items Created By Month"

Companies often have no idea how many line items they create each month. Here are the exact steps to show line items by month.

Line item report count

Here is how to count current Line Items per month, using a HubSpot Report:

  1. In HubSpot, go to Reports on the Reports Menu
  2. Create Report > Single Object > Line Items > NEXT
  3. Click the Visualization tab. Choose a Vertical Column chart
  4. Drag "Count of Line Items" up to the "Displaying" box
  5. Drag "Create Date" also up to the "Displaying" box
  6. Edit the Filter (at top left) to Create Date is Last 365 days. Click "Update Filter".
  7. Edit the Frequency (top right) to "Monthly"
  8. Name the report, e.g. "New Line Items Per Month"
  9. Save the Report for future use.

Now viewing the chart, how many Line Items are the sales team generally creating per month?

Here is a typical example of how sales teams create many more line items once they realize HubSpot + DoPricer automatically calculates the customer's correct prices and discounts. It's easy and saves them time.

2023-06-24 HubSpot Report New Line Items Per Month