How to automatically update HubSpot deal amount when DoPricer edits new line items

HubSpot's default deal amount applies when new line items are saved, but this is before DoPricer applies company-based discounts & prices. Here's how to create a workflow so that your deal amount is always up to date.

HubSpot automatically updates four properties on each deal:

  • Total contract value (TCV),
  • Annual contract value (ACV),
  • Annual recurring revenue (ARR)
  • and Monthly recurring revenue (MRR).
When DoPricer corrects the discounts and/or prices on new line items, HubSpot updates all four properties to the correct value based on the current line items. In this article, you will learn how to create a HubSpot deal workflow to update the deal amount after DoPricer changes line items.

How to create your deal amount workflow

Tip: First we recommend that you disable the HubSpot pop-up which prompts salespeople to update the deal amount. This pop-up does not take into account any discount or price that DoPricer is about to make when the line items are saved. So there is no need to interrupt the sales rep, let the workflow make the change.

  1. Disable the HubSpot Default deal amount feature, which looks like this:

    1. Go to Settings > Objects > Deals.
    2. Set the Default deal amount to Manual entry
  2. Create a Deal workflow with a trigger based on one of the four calculations above:
    1. Go to Automation > Workflows
    2. Press Create Workflow and choose From scratch
    3. Select Deal-based workflow and start with a Blank workflow. Press Next.
    4. Click the pencil at the top of the screen to edit the workflow name and description
    5. Name the workflow something like "When Deal TCV is known, copy to Deal Amount"
    6. In the Deal enrolment trigger box, click Set up triggers

      Set triggers
    7. Select When filter criteria is met
    8. Select Filter type: Deal, and choose one of these four properties:
      • total contract value
      • annual contract value
      • annual recurring revenue
      • monthly recurring revenue
    9. Select the option "is known"
    10. under OR press + Add filter group
    11. Select the same deal property you selected in step 2 h. above
    12. Select the option "is unknown"
      Tip: This is to also trigger the workflow for when the deal value is zero
    13. Click the Re-enrollment tab and switch check all boxes ON  
    14. Press Save (and don't enrol existing deals)
    15. Your new workflow trigger should look like this, including the property name you selected above in steps 2 h and 2 k.

      Trigger when deal TCV is known or not known
    16. Click the plus sign below the trigger, to add a new action
    17. Choose the action Copy property value
    18. Set the "Property or value to copy from" to the same property as you set in your trigger in step 2 h above.
    19. Set the Target object to Deal
    20. Set the "Property to copy ... to" to Amount
    21. Save the workflow action. It should look something like this

      Copy TCV to Deal Amount
    22. Press Review and publish your workflow

Tip: Take care choosing whether to update any existing deals. HubDo recommends not updating existing deals. Just focus on new deals. Start by testing your workflow on a deal to make sure that you are seeing expected behavior.

How to test your deal amount workflow

  1. View a company which you know DoPricer will change some discounts or prices on line items. For example, set a default discount of 10.
  2. Create a new deal or select an existing deal you can use for testing
  3. Add some line items to the deal and press save
  4. While still viewing the line items screen, view the row of values across the top of the screen. These include TCV, ACV, ARR, MRR and Deal amount (Manual).
    For example:

    Note down the value corresponding to your chosen method when you created your workflow earlier. Also, note down the correct Deal amount (Manual)
  5. After around eight seconds, refresh your browser to see the updated line item prices.
  6. View the values at the top of the screen again. Make sure that the Deal amount (Manual) now matches your chosen value method in your workflow. If not, press refresh again.
  7. If the Deal amount (manual) did not change. troubleshoot your workflow.

If your test was successful, you have completed your set up of How to automatically set deal amount after DoPricer applies discounts or changes prices.

If you are unsure please contact HubDo Support using the chat button on this page or via other contact methods here.