How can I eliminate manual work in my quoting process in HubSpot?

Manual quoting slows sales down. DoPricer integrates with HubSpot to automate tasks and eliminate busywork:

  • Automated calculations: Pre-defined discounts and automatic totals mean no more time-consuming manual maths.
  • Seamless data: Product info, pricing, and customer data are readily available in HubSpot, eliminating error-prone data entry.
  • Real-time updates: Price changes are instantly reflected in DoPricer, ensuring accurate quotes based on the latest information.
  • Goodbye spreadsheets: Replace error-ridden spreadsheets with a centralised quoting hub within HubSpot.


  • Save time: Automate tasks and free up sales reps to focus on building relationships and closing deals.
  • Reduce errors: Eliminate manual price lookups and data entry for more accurate and reliable quotes.
  • Boost efficiency: Generate quotes quickly, allowing your team to pursue more sales opportunities.
  • Improve satisfaction: Accurate quotes and a faster process create a positive customer experience.


A sales team spends hours manually calculating discounts and compiling quotes in spreadsheets. This process is slow, error-prone, and hinders the team's ability to focus on closing deals. DoPricer transformed their approach. The sales team set up pre-defined discount structures, eliminating the need for manual lookups. Product information and customer data were readily available within HubSpot, streamlining data entry. With real-time updates, sales reps could be confident they were quoting with the latest pricing. This eliminated manual work, saved time, and allowed the team to focus on building relationships and closing deals faster.

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