How do I disable or uninstall DoPricer CPQ in my HubSpot account?

If you prefer not to use DoPricer CPQ you can easily turn it OFF or uninstall it in your HubSpot settings.

1. Switch Off DoPricer CPQ

2. Uninstall DoPricer CPQ


1.How to temporarily disable DoPricer CPQ

To disable DoPricer and stop processing all line items from being created portal-wide, log into your HubSpot account and go to Settings:

View of the settings icon in HubSpot account

1. From your General profile page, click on Integrations in the left-side menu:

Click on Integrations in your HubSpot account

2. Next, click on Connected Apps from the drop-down menu

Click on Connected Apps

3. Select DoPricer CPQ:

Select DoPricer CPQ

4. Set Master Switch to OFF position:

Set Master Switch in DoPricer CPQ to OFF


2. To uninstall DoPricer completely:
Follow the steps above to get to Connected Apps in HubSpot

Uninstall DoPricer

Once you've selected DoPricer CPQ in your Connected Apps screen.

Click on the Actions drop-down arrow option and click Uninstall

Uninstall DoPricer CPQ from your HubSpot account


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