How to format HubSpot dates in PandaDoc

PandaDoc Tokens cannot be date formatted, but if you merge dates from HubSpot CRM to a PandaDoc date field, you can choose the display format that you wish.

PandaDoc date fields can be formatted as:

  • mm/dd/yyyy
  • dd/mm/yyyy
  • dd-mm-yyyy
  • mm-dd-yyyy
  • dd-MMM-yyyy
  • MMM-dd-yyyy

Here is how we did this in the Classic editor, using FIELDS:

Check out this Video
This is also described in the PandaDoc Support Pages.
** Update: In 2021 PandaDoc agreed to add the Merge Field feature, to PandaDoc's new Editor 2.0. So this same technique can be used in the current editor too. The process is similar to the classic editor video above, but instead of pasting the crm property name without [square brackets] into the field itself, view the properties of the field and past it into the "Merge Field" 
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