How to get PandaDoc documents delivered, signed and paid

If some customers are not seeing your PandaDoc documents in their inbox or you're finding it challenging to get sign off and payment, here's some things that you can do:


White Label Email

  • If your domain is
  • Choose an email like
  • The mail subdomain is known to improve inbox deliverability
  • You will need to make TXT and MX record additions to your DNS
  • Contact to have this set up

Shared Links

  • If using PandaDoc send button, do that first
  • Then use the Share Link button to copy the link of the recipient you are sending to
  • Be sure not to send the wrong link, or the recipient will be signing as another

Getting documents signed and paid

Send Reminder Button

Once a document has been sent, you can manually send a reminder

  • Open the document
  • Press Recipients
  • Select the recipient to remind
  • Press "Send reminder"
  • If the document has been completed but awaiting payment, use the same method to send a payment reminder.
  • Here's an example of the reminder email from PandaDoc

PandaDoc Example Reminder Email

Auto Reminders

In settings, you can activate auto-reminders

  • Go to Settings -> Settings
  • Set the numbers of days before the first reminder is sent
  • Set the frequency for how often to resend: Choices are Weekly or every 3 days

Expiry Warnings

In settings, you can activate warnings for documents about to expire

  • Go to Settings -> Settings
  • Under Expiration Setting, set the number of default days for expiry
  • Activate the option: Warn signers 1 day prior to the expiration

Shared Links

Same as in the prior section - use the Share Link button to copy the direct link to the document for a user, and then send them that link through any means you prefer:

  • Personal email
  • Online Chat
  • Text Message
  • etc

If you are still having any challenges with deliverability, contact