How to migrate PandaDoc templates & content from EV1 to EV2

PandaDoc Editor Version 2 (EV2) cannot use EV1 templates and content library items. Here is how to convert your existing library of EV1 items for use with EV2.

The newer PandaDoc Editor 2 (EV2) has a wider range of formatting options for laying out your templates and content library options.

For a full comparison of EV1 and EV2 features, refer to the Editors Feature Comparison Page.

Your Pandadoc account and workspaces can support both EV1 and EV2 templates and content library items but you cannot use a EV1 content library item in a EV2 template or document. 

If your PandaDoc create menu does not display the ability to create Editor 2.0 items, contact to have your account or workspaces upgraded (free).

How to migrate your EV1 items to EV2:

  • You cannot migrate items from Ev1 to Ev2 yourself.
  • PandaDoc Support will migrate your EV1 templates and content library items as EV2 format at your request.
  • Simply contact via live chat or email and provide them with the links to each EV1 template and content library item that you want to be migrated to EV2.
  • Caveat: Due to the different layout options between EV1 and EV2, you should expect some issues such as space changes and format changes. Adjust any layout issues manually in your new EV2 versions after the migration.

Please let us know how well the template migration to EV2 works for you!

Best regards, HubDo Support.