How to rename my DoPricer Apps

If you are managing multiple Apps e.g. for different customer accounts or purposes, we recommend renaming the App to avoid confusion. You can do this via Settings in your Marketplace account

Log into your HubDo Marketplace > Account.

> Go to Applications in the Menu of your Dashboard > Manage Apps:

Manage Apps via the HubDo Marketplace

You will then see your full suite of Apps or none at all if you're just starting out.

> Click Manage Application

Manage rename App

> Click on Settings to update the Label and rename the Application to suit your needs:

Screenshot 2023-06-26 at 13.07.26

Here's the view of the name changed on the second listing of the view above - from DoPricer to DoPricer LT Sandbox:

Changed name to LT Sandbox



If you have any problems renaming your App, email for assistance.