How to set a default discount per company

The DoPricer default discount is set in the Discount Default property per company and applies to new line items on the deals for that company.


Note: Check you have DoPricer CPQ enabled = ON, AND also ON for that company.  If a Product Item Discount or Product Category Discount exists on that company for a given line item, no default discount will apply.


Turn ON DoPricer CPQ Master Switch

Enable DoPricer at Company Level

Set Default Discount

1. Turn your Master Switch in your App Settings

Toggle the DoPricer Master Switch. Make sure that it is ON via Connected Apps in your HubSpot settings:

Master Switch for DoPirier on HubSpot

2. Enable DoPricer properties at the Company level:

- Go To Company record

- Choose the Actions dropdown: choose Customize Properties:


Company view choose Customize Properties and add DoPricer properties

- Add ALL DoPricer Properties 

- Add to view

DoPricer CPQ Company Properties view

Set the Default Discount

  1. Enter a number in the Discount Default property, which is found in the DoPricer group of properties for each Hubspot company. 
    1. The number you enter represents a percentage discount applied to the price on each new line item on a deal.
      1. For example, in the image above we've used 12, to represent a 12 percent discount  (12%)
      2. The only company discounts applied by DoPricer, are those stored on the Primary company associated with the deal.
  2. There are several easy ways to set the Discount Default company property
    1. View properties on a single company, set the Discount Default property, and save
    2. From Company List View with the Discount Default column visible, directly set an amount in the property cell for a single company, and save.
    3. From Company List View:
      1. select one or more companies
      2. Click edit
      3. Choose Discount Default
      4. Enter a value, e.g. 10 (for a 10% discount)
      5. Click Update
  3. Use a HubSpot Company Workflow to set the Default Discount property, based on the trigger and rules used to add to the workflow.
  4. Once a value is set on a Discount Default company property, DoPricer will apply the discount to a line item under the following conditions:
    1. The App Settings DoPricer Master Switch is On
    2. The company property DoPricer Enabled = On
    3. The company has no Line Item Discount which matches the line item SKU, as that takes precedence over all other discounts.
    4. The company has no Category Discount (DoPricer Plus edition) which applies to the line item product category, as that takes precedence before Default Discount.


  • When OFF, DoPricer CPQ takes no action in your Hubspot portal and does not process any deal line items.
  • Use this to temporarily disable the app if required. No need to uninstall and reinstall
  • You can enable, or disable DoPricer on each Company.


You will not be able to activate your master switch if your subscription is canceled or suspended. Contact Hubdo Support if unsure.