HubSpot Onboarding; our full Onboarding Service.

HubDo Onboarding - what's included and how long it will take.

The Onboarding of your website and/or Blogs into HubSpot is not an overnight job. Depending on the complexity and size of your website, plugins etc the onboarding may take up to a month or longer, to achieve. Usually, the biggest 'hold up' for this service is the time it takes to gain access to all the tools and services, e.g. Website CMS, DNS and Cpanel access.

The team will require full access to all of these accounts to enable a smooth transition onto HubSpot. If you have any concerns please raise these with your HubDo Team Leader at your earliest convenience.


Step 1: Migration - HubSpot commences the creation of the Portal with your template branding etc - see the Checklist below. This can take up to 14 - 21 business days for HubSpot to complete

Step 2: Migration Template Setup Notification - HubSpot will alert you (and us) with a Migration review checklist and list of tasks to be finalised e.g. DNS setup. The list will also contain any issues and errors from the migration of your template.

Step 3: Onboarding Set Up - This will begin as soon as we have the above notification from HubSpot. Checking errors, corrections, setup of the Domain DNS, etc generally takes 5-7 working days upon receipt of the Migration Checklist.

Step 4: GO LIVE - Final approval and Go live. The total estimated timeframe is 4 - 6 business weeks. (NOTE: This is an estimate only. Many sites do incur additional time for Theme and Design corrections etc.)

HubDo Requirements:

Please provide HubDo will full Partner, Admin and Marketing access to your HubSpot Portal. 

Please ensure to provide HubDo with full access to your Google Accounts, CPanel/DNS accounts at your earliest convenience. Full access granted early in the setup will ensure a predicted duration of your HubSpot Onboarding journey. Rest assured that all details are treated with the utmost confidentiality. 

  1. Google Accounts: Please add as Admin/User with full access to your Google Analytics, Search Console (if you have it). 
  2. Cpanel and DNS - Full Access Username and Password.
  3. Please confirm the following relevant details for your HubSpot Portal Setup:
  • Target Domain: [yourwebsitedomainURL]
  • Timezone: (e.g. GST)
  • Google Analytics Tracking ID: UA-XXXXXXXXX-1

Connect Social Media Accounts in HubSpot

  • Facebook: When needed, we'll assist you in connecting your Facebook page OR go to the social settings in HubSpot to connect your Twitter account: Social > Social Settings > Connect Account.
  • Twitter: We require the username and password for your Twitter account. If you prefer, go to the social settings in HubSpot to connect your Twitter account: Social > Social Settings > Connect Account.
  • LinkedIn: We require the email and password of the LinkedIn account that handles your company page. If you prefer, go to Social Settings and connect your LinkedIn account. 

To get a step-by-step guide on how to connect your LinkedIn account and other Social Media Accounts, please go to this link.

Checklist with HubSpot

1. Instruct CAM or Account Manager to run the COS Migration Report which will highlight any implications of the migration. This could take 1 - 3 days to confirm.

2. The client/end-user acknowledges the report by entering their email address at the bottom of the report. 

3. The HubSpot contact/salesperson can then raise the contract order for HubSpot software, (including website migration if desired - extra cost to HubSpot).

4. Once the client has signed the contract and confirmed billing details HubSpot engineering will replicate the theme and branded templates into the HubSpot CMS. This can take 2 - 3 weeks

5. Hubspot Engineering will confirm the completion of the migration directly with the Agency/Partner who can then undertake and complete the additional checks and updates. This is also generally the time for the Blogs, images, links etc to be migrated (additional cost not included in the Onboarding). 

Once the audit and final settings are completed and analytics codes etc. configured, then the portal is ready to go live. The changes can then be made in the DNS records for the domain to bring up the site (Blogs or Website) live on HubSpot.

We will request your approval for a 'Go Live' date to allow time for you to check the site. It is very normal for small tweaks to be made after the 'Go Live' as the website and/or blogs settle into the HubSpot framework.

Additional HubDo Services:

  • Website Migration - Not included in the Onboarding cost. A complete Website Migration can take  14 - 28 business days once the Quotation is approved.
  • Blog Migration - Not included in the Onboarding cost. A Blog Migration can take 7-10 business days once Quotation is approved.