How to read the Keyword Ranking Report in HubDo Portal

The Keyword Report is the main key performance indicator for SEO success, it's important to monitor how your website ranks across the three major search engines: Google, Bing, & Yahoo!

The keyword ranking report allows you to track your site's progress in comparison to your competitors across a wide number of keywords (up to 30). It includes an enhanced keyword visibility graph, colour designations by rank, mobile rankings for Google, and localised rank data for Google and Bing.

  1. Toggle between Google and Bing as well as Desktop and Mobile. (Note, you can only select the Mobile view for Google, not yet in Bing.)
  2. Enhanced Report Settings include Location, Domain Matching, and a Local Pack toggle. More info on this below.
  3. In an effort to show a more accurate depiction of organic "success," we've updated the ranking breakdown to 1-3, 4-15, 16-30, and 31-99. This showcases rankings in the top 3 and gives more credit to rankings in the top 15 since Google's results pages can often contain more than 10 organic links (including local results).


The second section of the report provides updated ranking data for your entire targeted keyword list. Whereas the first chart only displays information about the keywords for which your site ranks in the top 99 organic results, this second chart will display information for all your chosen keywords. By default, this section will display data for your website, though you can view data about your competitors using the drop-down box.

Mousing over any of the rankings displayed in this chart will give you more specific information about which page of your site ranks for that particular keyword, whether you're ranking organically or in the local pack, what the URL match type was set to for that particular pull of ranking data, which target location was set for that particular pull of ranking data, and whether you had chosen to include the local pack in your data for that particular pull of ranking data. If something doesn't look right in your report (e.g. a large drop or spike in your rank for a particular term), it's likely that the report settings have been changed.


Filtering and Sorting

You can filter by keyword (to only view keywords containing "SEO", for example), your site's start rank, or your site's current rank, as well as sort your entire list by rank in ascending or descending order. Note: if you filter/sort your keyword list, this filter will be applied to any PDF exports you generate.

Local Pack

The Local pack (Google My Business Maps location page) in Google SERPs has increasingly become prime real estate when it comes to driving organic traffic. As such, we include the local pack in our ranking data by default. For example, if you're the first organic result for a keyword that displays a local pack, our report would display 4 as your ranking. The tear drop icon represents the ranking within the Local pack.

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 10.55.05 am

If you prefer not to display the local pack in your ranking data, you can choose to turn this feature on or off.