How to plan an Inbound Campaign to add to your HubSpot

HubSpot campaign reporting brings together the multiple elements of an Inbound Campaign to report on your marketing ROI per campaign. HubDo has designed a simple template to plan your campaign ready to load into HubSpot.

HubDo Campaign Planner thumbnail

  1. Download the HubDo Campaign Planner (docx)
  2. Complete the top section:
    1. Campaign Name
    2. Description/Aims for this Campaign
    3. Duration as a start date and end date
    4. Your total budget for this campaign, for use later in calculating ROI
    5. The target Persona(s) for this Campaign
    6. Decide whether this is a TOFU, MOFU or BOFU Campaign. If it is potentially all three it can indicate that you are not embracing an Inbound approach
      1. Awareness Stage Campaign (Top Of Funnel, or TOFU)
      2. Consideration Stage Campaign (Middle of Funnel or MOFU)
      3. Decision Stage Campaign (Bottom of Funnel or BOFU)
    7. Finally, set the goals for target number of visitors, contacts (new or influenced) and customers
  3. Complete the Convert Contacts section
    1. What is the Content Offer for which the visitor will complete your intended conversion
    2. What Call To Action Text and/or Buttons will be used on the Website, Emails and other locations, leading to this Campaign
    3. What will the Landing Page (LP) convey when it features the content offer
    4. What will the Thank You Page (TYP) present after conversion, consider relevant blog articles to read and also any next stage offers, for example a MOFU offer on the Thank You Page of a TOFU offer.
    5. Although not included on the template, consider
      1. what List(s) converted contacts will be added to
      2. what form and property fields the visitor will complete
      3. what Email response the contact will receive in addition to the Thank You Page, to acknowledge the conversion and to present the offer for download
  4. Next consider the plans for Promoting this Campaign
    1. What keyword(s) are you targeting if any
    2. What Emails will be involved for promoting the campaign and which lists(s) the emails will be sent to
    3. Which Blog Posts will carry the CTA in support of this campaign
    4. What Website Pages will carry the CTA for this campaign
    5. What Social Channels will be used, along with any key messages by channel
    6. What Paid Campaigns will be run on PPC platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and YouTube, to promote this inbound campaign
    7. Any other sources you wish to track, paid or otherwise, for promoting the campaign, for example
      1. Letterbox drops with a special URL related to the campaign
      2. Dedicated phone numbers for call tracking related to a campaign or channel
      3. Business partners or affiliates who are willing to participate in promoting this campaign
      4. Billboards, Posters,
  5. Finally, what email autoresponder workflow sequence will apply if any, for which converted contacts will be enrolled?

By getting your thoughts clear in advance, you will have considered all aspects of the campaign before you focus on filling out the HubSpot Campaign Tool

When you are ready to load your Campaign into HubSpot, proceed to the Campaign section on the Planning and Strategy menus.

HubSpot Menu Screenshot Campaigns Tool