How to connect your LinkedIn to Hubspot

Connect Social Media Accounts in Hubspot

  • Connect Social Media Accounts in Hubspot
  • Under your Dashboard on Hubspot > Click on the Gear icon - top right
  • On the Left side Menu, scroll down to Tools - choose Marketing > Social > 
  • It will take you to Settings > Social dashboard > Click on the 'Connect Accounts' button
  • Choose LinkedIn from the list
  • This will redirect you to the LinkedIn login page; sign into your LinkedIn account
  • Once signed in, click Allow
  • Check the business page account/s listed under 'LinkedIn Company Page'
  •  > Click OK.
  1. If you're not ready to share a post via the popup confirmation screen > click on 'Not Yet'
  2. Congratulations you have now connected your LinkedIn Account on Hubspot!

RE-AUTHENTICATION - Every 90 days or so.....

  • Many of the Social Apps only allow a short period of connections before they request re-authentication of the username and password.
  • Click on the link error message which will appear occasionally on the Social Report. There you'll see the connections which are broken or need re-authentication.
  • Click on the +[person] icon - circled in bold red
  • Click on either FB and/or LI to re-authenticate. LI will require the user to add their access Username and Password.