What is the Keyword Plan process in SEO?

The Keyword Plan is a fundamental component of every SEO service. It's impact on the entire service and visibility of the website is a core part of our initial wins and ranking opportunities.

The analysis and research conducted by our team requires 3 to 5 business days. Upon sharing the Plan with you we require fast turnaround and final approval of the Keyword Plan and focus Primary Keyword within the first 2 weeks setup period of the service

Input from the client to ensure the plan meets the direction of the business is vital, however, continual changes and updates will delay the opportunity for showing good results within the first month/s of the service. Therefore, we allow up to 3 changes/edits/additions to the Keyword Plan only. Final approval will ensure the set keywords are in place for the team to commence handwritten Metadata across the top Menu pages of the site (other pages follow, month on month). Please be aware, this process will be delayed if the Keyword Plan does not gain final approval quickly - within the first 2 weeks of the service.

New Keywords

As the service progresses, we will continually research and review keyword rankings to ensure we're on track and grabbing every opportunity to increase the visibility of the site. We'll add new ranking keywords to our reports regularly. Any new suitable keywords we uncover will be flagged with you for approval and/or added to the ranking report if positions are already live. Recommendations from the team regarding new keywords could include the creation of a new page on the website to capture the ranking opportunity of the new keyword.

To ensure a fast turnaround of the Keyword Plan we require as many suggestions as quickly as possible - ideally these will be added to the Intake form. Non-valuable keywords e.g. those unrelated keywords with low to zero search numbers will be removed from our draft plan, unless the site is ranking for these terms already.

Please contact info@hubdo.com for more information about our Keyword Plans and SEO Services.