DoQuotes Plugin is installed. What next?

Congratulations! Now you can create instant quotes with a simple reference number, addressed only to buyer contacts

  1. To view your DoQuotes settings, return to HubDo Marketplace MyApps 
    then click the DoQuotes Icon to view the DoQuotes Plugin settings in your HubSpot.

A few tips on using DoQuotes Plugin:

  • Set up is automatic. Use the "Create Quote" button on each deal CRM card, then refresh your screen to see the new quote listed in the HubSpot Quotes card.
  • Use the Create Quote to create as many unique quotes you require on the deal.
  • Once the quote is created, click to open and complete it using the HubSpot quote builder as you normally would.
  • The Quote name includes a short reference number like Q0141, so you can use that with your customers instead of the long HubSpot Quote Number. This number increments with every new quote.
  • Add the quote short reference number to your custom quote template by selecting it as another quote property when editing your custom quote template.
  • The master switch in the HubSpot settings screen switches on/off DoQuotes if you need to temporarily disable it. Note: The Create Quotes button will still appear on the deal CRM card if the app is installed.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about the DoQuotes Plugin:

  • Can I use the short reference number elsewhere in my quote and my email templates?
    • Yes, the short reference number is a custom quote property called "DoQuotes Short Ref" which you can add to text boxes on your custom quote template.
    • The DoQuote Short Ref property is also available as a quote property in Quote-based workflows.
  • Can I use DoQuotes to create quotes for multiple companies on the same deal? For example, several resellers are competing to bid on the same end user deal
    • Yes multiple quotes for resellers on the same deal, is an ideal use-case for DoQuotes.
      1. Associate all reseller companies to the same deal including the relevant contacts of those companies
      2. Temporarily change the deal primary company to a reseller and use the DoQuotes "Create Quote" button to create a quote for that company.
      3. Open the new quote and you will see that only the contacts asociated with that reseller company are selected on the quote
      4. Repeat the process above for each reseller
      5. then change the deal primary company back to the end user
      6. Edit each reseller quote if required, and puclish each to send them
      7. Note: each time you publish a quote, the deal line items will be updated to reflect the most recently published quote.

Your feedback and questions are very welcome!

We hope you enjoy how the DoQuotes Plugin gives your quotes a unique name and short reference number to simplify your client communications.
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