How can I manage multi-currency pricing and quotes with DoPricer?

Many companies sell products and services to customers across different countries and currencies.

Managing these varying currencies and ensuring accurate pricing can be a complex challenge. DoPricer simplifies this process by managing multi-currency pricing and quotes within HubSpot.

Challenges of Multi-Currency Pricing:

  • Maintaining Multiple Price Lists: Manually managing different price lists for various currencies can be time-consuming and error-prone.
  • Currency Fluctuations: Fluctuations in exchange rates can impact profitability if not factored into pricing strategies.
  • Inaccurate Quotes: Inaccurate quotes due to outdated pricing or currency conversions can damage customer trust and lead to lost sales.

DoPricer: Your Solution for Multi-Currency Pricing:

DoPricer empowers you to effortlessly manage multi-currency pricing and generate accurate quotes for your international customers:

  • Multiple Price Lists: Create as many custom price lists as you require, in as many currencies as you need. Each price list can be tailored to specific customer segments, regions, or product lines.
  • Dynamic Currency Conversions: DoPricer integrates with reliable exchange rate sources to ensure your price lists reflect the latest currency values. This eliminates the need for manual adjustments and guarantees accurate quotes.
  • Automatic Price Application: Set pricing rules within DoPricer to automatically apply the appropriate price list based on your customer's location or other pre-defined criteria.
  • Seamless Integration: DoPricer integrates seamlessly with your existing HubSpot data. Create and manage price lists directly within your CRM platform, streamlining the workflow for your sales team.
  • Quote Accuracy: With accurate and up-to-date pricing information, DoPricer empowers you to generate error-free quotes, fostering trust with your customers and building stronger business relationships.


Imagine a company selling software subscriptions to customers in the US, Europe, and Asia. Traditionally, managing separate price lists for each region and currency could be cumbersome. DoPricer eliminates this complexity. You can create dedicated price lists for USD, EUR, and JPY, with regional discounts and pricing structures incorporated. DoPricer automatically applies the appropriate price list based on the customer's location, ensuring they receive the correct pricing regardless of their country. This not only saves time for your sales team but also fosters trust and transparency with your global customer base.

Benefits of DoPricer for Multi-Currency Pricing:

  • Increased Efficiency: Eliminate manual price list management and streamline quote generation for international customers.
  • Improved Accuracy: Dynamic currency conversions and automatic price calculations ensure accurate quotes every time.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Customers receive accurate pricing information, building trust and confidence in your business.
  • Global Sales Growth: Manage multi-currency pricing with ease, empowering your sales team to focus on closing deals with international customers.

Getting Started with DoPricer's Multi-Currency Features:
DoPricer's intuitive interface makes it simple to set up and manage your multi-currency pricing strategy. Refer to our documentation for step-by-step instructions on creating custom price lists, managing currencies, and configuring automatic price applications based on your specific needs.

DoPricer eliminates the complexity of managing multi-currency pricing, allowing you to streamline the sales process for your global customer base. With accurate quotes, increased efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction, DoPricer helps your business to thrive in the international marketplace.

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