DoCurrencies Plugin is installed. What next?

Congratulations! Your HubSpot Currencies will be updated automatically every day.

  1. To view your DoCurrencies settings, return to HubDo Marketplace MyApps 
    then click the DoCurrencies Icon to view the DoCurrencies Plugin settings in your HubSpot.

A few tips on using DoCurrencies Plugin:

  • Set up is automatic. When you add a currency to HubSpot it will automatically be included in daily rate updates relative to your company currency.
  • If you change company currency, hit the "Update Currencies Now" button in the settings screen to make sure all rates are correct. HubSpot calculates reciprocal rates based on existing, but the DoCurrencies button fetches fresh rates relative to company currency.
  • The master switch in the HubSpot settings screen switches on/off the daily updates
  • Archived Rates: If you archive a currency rate, HubSpot retains it in the API currency list so all the history is maintained. DoCurrencies does not update archived rates, as doing so would restore the currency from the archive.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about the DoCurrencies Plugin:

Your feedback and questions are very welcome!

We hope you enjoy how the DoCurrencies Plugin saves you from having to manually update currency rates. HubDo Plugins "Make HubSpot Do More" so you don't have to.

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