What does the HubSpot certification mean for DoPricer CPQ users?

We're excited to announce that DoPricer CPQ is now officially certified as a HubSpot app. This means DoPricer CPQ works smoothly with HubSpot CRM, bringing some big benefits to your manufacturing business.

Here's the lowdown on what this certification means for you:

  • Simpler sales process: No more juggling platforms or re-entering data. DoPricer CPQ integrates with your existing HubSpot CRM, keeping all your quotes, sales info, and customer details in one place. This makes your sales workflow smoother and saves you time.
  • Easy to use: Since DoPricer CPQ works right within HubSpot, you don't need to learn a new system. Your sales team can use their existing HubSpot knowledge to start using DoPricer CPQ features right away. Less learning means more selling!
  • Top-notch security: HubSpot takes data security seriously, and with this certification, you get the peace of mind of their strong security measures. Your valuable customer and sales data are well-protected.
  • Future-proof: This certification guarantees that DoPricer CPQ and HubSpot will continue to work well together, even as they develop new features. You can be confident of a smooth user experience for years to come.

Basically, the HubSpot certification shows our commitment to providing a top-notch integration experience for DoPricer CPQ users. This means a more efficient sales process, an easy-to-use system for your team, and strong data security.

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We're confident that this powerful partnership will help your manufacturing business streamline sales, close more deals faster, and reach your sales goals.