How can I automate pricing and quotes for my sales team in HubSpot?

Struggling with slow and error-prone quote generation in HubSpot? DoPricer seamlessly integrates with your existing HubSpot CRM, transforming your quoting process into a time-saving and accurate experience.

Automate Repetitive Tasks:

  • Effortless Lookups: Eliminate manual calculations with DoPricer's pre-defined rules. Set up automatic discounts for high-volume customers or specific product categories directly within HubSpot. Totals are generated automatically, ensuring accurate quotes every time.
  • Seamless Data Integration: Leverage your HubSpot data. Product information, pricing details, and customer data are readily available within the platform. No need for manual entry, reducing errors and streamlining the quoting process.
  • Real-time Updates: Price changes and product updates made in HubSpot are reflected instantly in DoPricer. Your sales reps can be confident they're quoting with the latest information, eliminating delays and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Benefits of DoPricer Automation in HubSpot:

  • Boost Sales Efficiency: Free up your sales reps' time by automating repetitive tasks. They can focus on building relationships and closing deals.
  • Minimise Errors: Automated lookups and data integration minimise errors for accurate and reliable quotes, all within the familiar HubSpot environment.
  • Faster Quote Turnaround: Generate quotes quickly, allowing your sales team to respond to leads faster and close deals quicker.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Accurate and timely quotes create a positive impression, fostering trust and enhancing the buying experience within HubSpot.

A sales team sells software subscriptions with tiered pricing based on user count. Manually calculating discounts for different customer sizes was time-consuming and prone to errors. DoPricer changed their approach as follows:

The team set up pre-defined discounts in HubSpot for various user tiers within DoPricer. When a sales rep selected a subscription plan and user count, the discount was automatically applied, generating an accurate quote instantly. Product details and customer data were readily available within HubSpot, eliminating manual entry. With real-time updates, sales reps were confident they were quoting with the latest pricing. This automation within HubSpot saved time, minimised errors, and allowed the team to focus on closing deals faster.

Ready to Automate Your HubSpot Quoting Process?
Sign up for a DoPricer free trial and discover how it integrates seamlessly with HubSpot to automate pricing and quotes, empowering your sales team for greater efficiency and success.

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